How to Increase Website Rankings

Learn How to Increase Your Website RankingsIn order to convert visitors to prospects to buyers, you need to increase website rankings.  This can easily be done by putting the following information into practice.

Good content has always been and will always be important.  It continues to be at the forefront of  getting higher rankings from Google.  The tags, focus keywords and content description will affect your placement in the Google search engine rankings.  Search engine ranking is important because that’s how people find your site.  The higher your website ranks, the more your website traffic will increase.

Use your keywords and keyword phrases throughout your page or post.  This optimization strategy will give you higher rankings.  Stuffing your content with keywords should be avoided.  Use them in a natural manner.  Use keywords your target market would use to search for your information.

Three Bonus Tips

Bonus Tip #1 – When adding links to the content of your posts and pages, double check them.  Make sure they’re not broken.

Bonus Tip #2 – Submit your sitemap to Google for better placement. [bctt tweet=”Submit your sitemap to Google for better placement.”]

Bonus Tip #3 – Search engines cannot read images.  They only see the HTML used to create it.  Add alt text to your images.  Adding an appropriate link is also helpful.  If your link goes to another website, make sure it opens in a new window.

There’s a lot that goes into creating and maintaining a good search engine ranking.  The information I’ve provided above will be a great start.  Be consistent and watch your website rise higher in the rankings.

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