Add Google Juice to Your Blog Posts and Articles

To make your site as successful as possible, you need to know how to add “Google Juice”, commonly known as SEO (search engine optimization) to your blog posts and articles.

What does an SEO blog post or article look like? It’s written with search engine optimization at the forefront. This doesn’t mean keyword stuffing. It means a balance between being good for Google’s algorithm and makes sense for your readers. While both are important, the reader should always be considered first.

Google wants to provide quality information to its users. In doing the same for your readers, you will ultimately have the same goals as Google. And, Google is more likely to promote your articles and posts.

Below is an example of how a well-optimized website can rank on Google. When real estate support services is typed in a Google search, the paid ads come up first. The website listed third has been “selected” by Google to be first in their organic searches. That means the site is deemed most helpful to anyone searching that term.

Adding Google Juice to Your Blog Posts and Articles

Steps You Need to Take

  • Research and Implement Keywords – Choose the keywords you want to use in your post. Use a free keyword research tool like Wordtracker. The keyword you enter will tell you how many times your keyword has been researched, what phrases were used in the search, suggested keywords, and other helpful information. Choosing a word because it’s popular and yet fails to actually answer your reader’s question will lead to a disappointed reader and a higher bounce rate. (Leaving the article immediately.)

How to Effectively Include Keywords in Your Content

  • Keyword density should be 0.5 – 2″ for every 50 to 200 words
  • Use keywords naturally in your articles
  • Include keywords in the opening paragraph, the last paragraph, and in your headers.
  • Add keywords to your alt tags and meta descriptions (images)
  • Maintain your website. Be sure it loads quickly, is well designed, and is mobile-friendly.

Use these simple tips to add Google Juice to your blog posts and other content. Your articles will be found easier by readers because Google is able to find them in a search.

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Adding Google Juice to Your Blog Posts