Email Marketing: The Single Most Important Question to Ask


To get what you want, you must first get others what they want. WIIFM


People don’t subscribe to your email list to be marketed to.  It may seem like a contradiction, but email marketing is about giving others what they want.  Doing that automatically leads to conversions.  The most expensive, extensive email marketing program is useless unless you help other people get what they want.  You must provide the answer to the age-old question, “What’s in it for me?”.


The Big Fail – Focusing on Features, Not Benefits

Email marketing is based on emotions.  It fails when the reader only learns about the features and not the benefits.  A couple of years ago, I needed to buy a new car.  The salesman was very anxious to show me the sunroof, the upgraded stereo system, and sleek design.  He pointed out all the bells and whistles.  If he had asked, I would have told him what I was looking for in my next car; economy, good gas mileage, and reliability.  The car he showed me was beautiful but did not meet my needs.  I just needed reliable transportation, not a status symbol.

Focusing on features instead of how your products and services will benefit your target market, will lead to unsubscribes and disillusionment.

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Email Marketing: The Single Most Important Question to Ask