Tips for Promoting Your Videos on Social Media


Last week I posted, “How to Get People to Your Website from YouTube. This week it’s all about promoting your videos on social media. The whole point of social media is get more people to view and interact with your posts. Here’s some ideas for getting more out of your social media videos.


  • Facebook Posts – When you type in the URL for your video, it will bring up its title and image. Use Facebook’s edit feature to change the title of the video or edit the text.


  • Pinterest Posts – Not everyone is aware that you can add videos to your Pinterest account. This is great news for Realtors┬« who want a broader reach with their virtual and community tours, tutorials, testimonial videos, etc. Create a board for each type of video including the board’s description and category.


  • Twitter Posts – Some people post several times a day on Twitter. Other people are Twitter haters and don’t post at all. At best, they might begrudgingly once a day. One way to get the most out of your videos on Twitter is to post the same video but package your photo and description in different ways.


  • Blog Posts – Use your blog to write a post that includes a video. It’s easy to embed your video into your post. Allow people to comment on the post. Be sure your video and your post are well optimized.


  • Comments – When you see a question in the comment section of a social media or blog post, offer your expertise by providing a link to a video that helps answer a question or concern. A word of caution…this information is to help answer a question and should not be self-promoting.


In all cases, be consistent. Block out some time on your calendar to devote to promoting your videos on social media. Using good informational videos that will provoke conversation and add value to the viewer will continually build your social media following.

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Tips for Promoting Your Videos on Social Media