4 Things You Need to Know About Email Conversion


Judging a person, a place or anything else for that matter may just prevent us from enjoying a great experience.  It’s only human to judge a book by its cover.  Right?  The truth is that not only do people judge a book by its cover, they oftentimes only look at the cover.  Email conversion works a lot in the same way.

The moment prospects see your email, they make a quick judgment about whether or not it’s worth reading.  They will either click past it or delete it altogether.  It may languish in the recipient’s email box for days or weeks.  You could be offering the most valuable and interesting information in the world.  If it still looks unworthy of opening or just a plain hassle to read, it will surely be deleted.


The Grand Opening – Inspiring your contacts to open and read your email.     

4 Things You Need to Know About Email Conversion - Inspiring Your Contacts to Open and Read Your Emails

How do you do that?  Here are 4 things you need to know about email conversions.

Keep Your Email Short – Think about your own email habits.  When you look at your email list, which ones do you generally read right away?  Which ones do you “save for later”?  A long email will usually go into the “Save for Later” bucket.  A short email will get read right away.

Get to the Point Quickly – Don’t use a lot of words when fewer words will do.  Stay focused on the point of your email and the reason you’re sending it.  Your main focus for sending emails should always be to add value to the recipients’ lives.

Skip the Fancy Stuff – It’s my experience that a plain email will get opened and responded to more than one with graphics or a fancy header.  A plain text email will be perceived as being written only for the recipient. Many email programs include a feature that makes it easy to personalize each and every email even though it’s being mass emailed to a group.

See What Works – Opinions and audiences vary.  If you’re unclear whether plain text or adding the “fancy stuff” to your emails work best, test them out.  In my testing, text emails got the highest click rates.  Try creating a plain text email one time and create one with a header and other graphics the next time.  Check your stats to see what your audience likes best.

The bottom line is there is no magic bullet when it comes to getting your emails opened and read.  Knowing your audience is key.  My audience is real estate agents.  They’re super busy.  Taking time to sit down and read a lengthy email doesn’t work for them.  Seeing graphics may even cause them to think, “It’s just another vendor trying to sell me something” and hit the delete button.

Test out these four email conversion tips.  You’ll find the formula that works for you and your audience.


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4 Things You Need to Know About Email Conversion