Updating Your Email Campaigns

Have you noticed the change?  Today’s email campaigns have become more interactive.  They’re more creative and speak in a more personalized tone.  You’re seeing more slides, videos, and animations.  Updating your email campaigns makes them more interesting.  The person receiving your email is more likely to open them.

Updating Your Email Campaigns

Getting Personal – Sending an email campaign for the sake of mass marketing isn’t effective.  People respond to personalized emails.  They feel it’s a more personal outreach than a mass mailing.  Personally, address the recipient by name.  Name their location and other marketing information specific to them and their area.  Send them personalized home anniversary and birthday ecards.

Segment Your List – This old practice that needs to be updated.  Go beyond the usual segmenting. Drill down your buyers and sellers lists.  Get more specific about the contacts within those lists.  For instance, within your buyers’ list, you could create a list specific to an area, a need, etc.  This makes your emails to look like they’re written just for the recipient.  It also lets them know you’ve listened to their needs and are responding accordingly.

Be Creative – “Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Think about the heavy lifting your cognitive system has to do when reading an article vs. watching a video clip! … That means that careful reading is not an automatic process, but rather occurs when we actively process what we are reading“. ~Google

When it comes to adding video to email campaigns, don’t add the video itself to your email.  Most email clients don’t support it and it will hurt your deliverability.  Instead, add a graphic of the video and link it to wherever you have uploaded it to; YouTube, etc.  Wistia has a great article about embedding videos in emails.

The bottom line is this…People want to feel like you know and care about them.  They want to know that you’re paying attention to their individual needs.  You want to use the latest techniques that help you get the email marketing results you’re looking for.

These 3 emailing marketing tips will help you do just that.  What techniques can you add to the list?

Updating Your Email Campaigns