Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Real Estate BusinessFinding the Best Domain Name for Your Real Estate Business

As a Realtor®, you should own a branded website.  Choosing a domain name for that site  is more important than you might think.  It helps you build your brand, promotes trust and legitimacy while gaining better search engine ranking.  Deciding on the best domain name for your business requires research and strategy.


Important Steps Before Choosing a Domain

  • Write down keywords relative to your target area; Los Angeles, Bay Area, etc.
  • Decide on keywords that are applicable to your site; real estate, home search, home sales, luxury homes, apartment rentals, beach homes, etc.
  • Build your brand.  Find a domain name that matches your brand name.  For instance, if your brand name is XYZ Real Estate, try to purchase a domain with XYZ Real Estate in it.


Your Domain May Not be Available

It may not always be possible to find the exact domain name you want.  If your chosen domain name is taken, see if there’s a reasonable alternative using hyphenated text.  Search engines will still be able to “see” your keywords.  Hyphens do have a downside, though. They’re harder to remember and easier for visitors to forget to use.


Another Alternative

If .com is taken, check to see if  another extension is available such as .net, .info, .online, .properties, etc.  Using an extension other than .com could help you stand out.  Internet users will naturally add .com to a URL.  So, be sure to stress the alternative extension to be sure the correct one is used.


Checking for Availability

Go to a site like GoDaddy or Second Self Hosting (shameless plug).  Type your chosen domain in the search box.  You will be told whether or not the domain name is available.  If it’s not available, try using a different extension or keyword.  Add a descriptive word such as “resource” or “experienced”.

Choosing the correct domain name for your business is very important.  It describes your brand, your area and the relative nature of what your business is about.  It also can make huge difference in your search engine ranking.



How to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Real Estate Business
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