Is Your Content Ready for the Old Folks Home?

How to Keep Your Website and Blog Content Fresh

Creating blog posts and keeping website content fresh and up-to-date requires a lot of time.  Researching, writing, and planning your content on a regular basis can be overwhelming.   Updating old information doesn’t have to mean getting rid of it altogether, though.  Your “old” information still has value.  Here’s why:

Is your old content not getting read? You may think old content isn’t adding value to you but it is.  It comes in the form of search engine optimization.  Well-optimized and seasoned content is still attracting the bots.

Your visitors benefit, too.  Think about the sites you visit.  Does it have a lot of information or does it look empty and incomplete?  Visitors who find a lot of great information linger longer.  It’s more impressive to have established content.  Even old posts serve an important purpose. They let your authority shines through.

How do you make old content fresh again?  Go to your website and see where you can freshen up your content.  Look for ways to update it with “evergreen” information.  Evergreen means information that is relative for a long time.  In other words, information that isn’t date-sensitive.

Update and improve old blog posts.  Use updated terms and make sure all of your links work.  Make sure the information is still as relevant now as it was when you first wrote it.

What’s old is new again! – As you update content, share it again on social media.  Share it with your contacts.  All this updating not only helps your readers, fresh content is something Google loves.  It will improve your search engine rankings.

Change up your graphics.  Create something unique.  Canva offers a free service with lots of graphics and templates.  Optimize your graphics for SEO and add an appropriate link.  Google gives credit to well-optimized images, too.

Put aside a little time each week. Work on updating your website and blog content.  Promote your updated content on social media.  Email your contacts and direct them to your “new” posts.

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Is Your Content Ready for the Old Folks Home?