FAQs for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful method of promoting your goods and services. It’s also one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with current clients and build trust with prospective ones.

While email marketing can be time-consuming, there are many reasons why it should be part of your marketing strategy. I have put together 3 of the most frequently asked questions about it. I also offered answers so you can build a strategy of your own.

Email Automation

Can I use automation to build my list?

The short answer is nope. There are automation tools you can use to assist you in automating the email marketing process. However, it’s up to you to segment your lists and set your contacts up into the correct email marketing plan.

Organically growing your list is superior to purchasing a list. Start by setting up lists of your current clients, past clients, business associates, friends, and relatives. In the case of email marketing, think quality… not quantity.

Canned or Original Content?

Can I use canned content or should I write original content?

Canned content is the less-than-ideal way to go. Your emails need to reflect your voice. Let your contacts get to know who you are. Think about all the real estate agents who have the same generic drip campaigns. Those weren’t written by you so they can’t possibly sound like you. Also, think about how many other agents have heard from some of the same contacts as you and are getting the same tired third-party responses. Original content is always the best.

Laws and Regulations

What laws do I have to be aware of?

Email marketing laws will vary country to country. However, some guidelines are pretty universal, especially when using email for commercial purposes.

  • Your emails must include an easy way to unsubscribe.
  • If someone emails an unsubscribe request directly to you, you must comply immediately.
  • All email marketing materials must include your physical business address.
  • Never send emails to anyone who has opted out of your emails.

If you have any questions about complying with email marketing regulations, go to the CAN-SPAM website. There you will find a complete compliance guide.

Email marketing, when done correctly, will allow you to tailor messages for your groups, target interests, and keep your name in front of your contacts.

If you don’t have time to customize your email marketing strategy, contact someone with the experience and knowledge to help you.

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3 Email Marketing FAQs & Answers