Google Wants YOU!  Free Google Tools for Business

I’ve always been a big supporter of Google for many years; Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Reviews, and a lot more.  These tools are, in part, the reason I’ve been able to stay at the #1 and #2 spot on Google for several years.  Of course, a lot more goes into getting highly ranked in Google, but it certainly hasn’t hurt.

After attending a Google workshop recently, it was clear. I needed to start checking out more Google tools for my business. I also revisited tools I already use.  Google has done an amazing job of updating and improving their free business tools.

Google My Business – Get a free business listing on Google My Business.  Your local listing provides exposure and builds your visibility on Google Maps and Google Search.  You will need to have a physical address on your listing.  Using the address of a company you work for is not acceptable. They will more than likely have claimed that address for their own listing.

Google Reviews – Client reviews are important for any business.  They build trust and confidence.  There are tons of online review sites. Wouldn’t it be great to not only get a client review but also increase your online visibility at the same time?  Here’s how to do it:

1.   Do a Google search for your company’s name.  You should see a listing in a big box on the right column.

2.  Click on “Write a Review”.  A pop-up will appear.  Copy the entire URL from the address bar. (It’s a REALLY long one.) Send the link to your clients and request a review.   Their reviews will show up on your Google Business listing.

3.  If you have a WordPress website, try using the Google Reviews widget.  This will automatically display your Google reviews.

Keep your Google listings up-to-date.  Google Tools only work for you when all information is up-to-date.  During my recent foray into the Google tools world, I was embarrassed to find outdated information on my Google My Business listing.  The information rendered my listing nearly useless.  You can bet it’s now on my calendar to check it regularly.

I hope you’ll check out these Google tools for business.  You might also like a post I wrote in July called, “3 Free Google Tools for Tracking Your Traffic“.  You can never have too many Google tools!

Why Pay for Ads?  Google Tools for Business are Free!