How to Stay in Touch with Contacts All Year Long

With Information They’ll Want to Receive

Staying “top of mind” with your current and prospective contacts is a must.  It helps you continue to build relationships with current contacts.  It also helps you build trust with prospective contacts.

Here are some ideas for staying in touch with your contacts all year long.

How to Stay in Touch With Contacts all Year Long


Share interesting news specific to them and their interests.

Just about everyone is on social media.  Connect with them on a business and personal level.

Create and email a monthly or weekly newsletter.  Send them an email when you write a new post.

Add them to an appropriate drip campaign.  Personalize your drips.

Give them a call.

Remember special occasions like birthdays, home and personal anniversaries, holidays, etc.

What do you do to make sure you’re the one they think of when they need you?

How to Stay in Touch with Contacts All Year Long