Be the Super Ninja of Customer Loyalty

Whether you’re in real estate, beauty products, virtual assistance or any other business, you have competition. Knowledge and expertise are important. What really sets you apart is providing exceptional customer service.

Customer Loyalty

Here are five things you can do to provide exceptional customer service. Following these tips will make you the Ninja of customer loyalty.

  • First Impressions – Although most businesses are online, once prompted, a potential client will usually make a call or send an email. Contacts have an option to send you a message from your social media accounts. Respond to all messages promptly by phone or email. Too much time between the contact and your reply can leave the contact feeling that they have contacted someone who is irresponsible.
  • Following Up – The follow-up is the first step in building a relationship of trust. It shows the potential customer who you are and how you will help them. It allows you to gain insight into the expectations of the contact.
  • Walk a Mile – Be committed enough to go the extra mile to answer questions and give advice. Customer service is a lost art in many businesses. Clients appreciate your attention to detail and service.
  • Listen and Implement – Take every customer’s concerns seriously. Listen to their concerns. Implement a plan of resolving all issues big and small. Your client will appreciate your concern and commitment to their issue.
  • Wear Your Ninja Gear – There may be times when a client is “over-the-top” about a real or perceived wrong. It’s these times when you may hear some salty language and unrealistic remarks. Put on your Ninja gear and face the situation with a calm and pleasant demeanor. It will go a long way in diffusing the situation.

Customer loyalty is earned by building a relationship of trust. A happy customer appreciates your concern, follow-up, and resolve in helping them.

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Be the Super Ninja of Customer Loyalty
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