Facebook Followers: 5 Things That Haven’t Changed

5 Simple Ways to Build Your Facebook Followers

Facebook Followers: 5 Things That Haven’t Changed 5 Simple Ways to Build Your Facebook Followers

There’s a lot of talk (and concern) about the new Facebook changes and how they will affect your business. Many of us have spent years successfully attracting and connecting with Facebook followers.  One thing I know for sure is that change is inevitable.  A lot of times it’s confusing and frustrating.  Something else I know is that 5 things have never changed.

Here are five simple things you should continue to do to attract more Facebook followers:

Be Visual – Facebook has added some colorful little background graphics to help your posts stand out.  This helps your text posts get noticed but the text length is limited.  The most captivating posts include graphics.  People will always share great graphics.  When that happens, you will see a boost in your reach.

Free photos websites are everywhere.  Just be careful that you have the right license.  Be sure the photo has CCO Creative Commons license, that you can use it commercially, and that no attribution is required.  You’ll find great photos on Unsplash,  Pexels and many others.  Create great social media posts with another free tool called Canva.

Great Content Never Goes Out of Style – Know what your audience likes.  People engage with content that is interesting and that adds value to them.  Add your personality to your posts.  Humorous posts get liked and shared.  Boring posts get ignored.

Hold a Contest – There’s nothing like winning stuff.  Holding a contest on your business page is a great way to garner interest, interaction, and likes.  Spread the word about your contest online and through a promotional email.  If your contest is successful, you’ll be able to further your reach and gain more followers.  The more consistently you hold your contests, the more likely you are to get more Facebook followers.

Facebook Ads – Dollar for dollar Facebook ads are an economical way to drive more people to your page.  Target your Facebook ads for your demographic. Make sure you include a compelling CTA (call to action).

Cross Promotion – Google describes cross-promotion as

Sharing content from other channels with your Facebook page helps you cross-promote all of your social profiles and makes it easier to post content in multiple places.

By cross-promoting your content, you’re able to drive your other social media followers to your Facebook page.

It takes a lot of time and consistency to build your Facebook followers.  Using these five tried and true tips will help you today, turning your Facebook page into a thriving community. That means it will help you today and in the future, no matter what changes Facebook has in mind.
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Facebook Followers: 5 Things That Haven’t Changed