The Never Ending Pursuit of Facebook Business Page Success

The Never Ending Pursuit of Facebook Business Page Success How to Give Your Facebook Business Page a Growth SpurtHow to Give Your Facebook Business Page a Growth Spurt

Over 1.3 billion people are active users on Facebook.  Just about half of them log into Facebook every day, providing marketers with a great opportunity to promote their business and increase sales.  Facebook marketing success is not guaranteed.  However, there are some things you can do today to find Facebook business page success.

The No-Brainer – Facebook marketing success begins with a good Facebook business page.  Utilize every Facebook opportunity available to create a complete and interesting branded page.  Check back often to see if there is anything you can add to your page.  Always keep your information up-to-date.

Brand Yourself – Add you professional photo and business logo.  Brand your Facebook page to your website and other social media pages.  Your visitors will become acquainted with your brand, creating a connection with you.

What Do You Want Them to Do? – Add a Call to Action button to your page.  Facebook has a variety of buttons that can be customized for your page.  One my favorite features is the “Services” tab.  These can be used as a ‘call to action” tab that is linked to your website or landing page. Add a post on your personal profile asking your friends to like your business page.

What Do You Do?  – When deciding whether or not to accept a friend request, I first take a look at their business description.  This information is invaluable.  It gives visitors a description of your business, contact information and a link to your website, blog and other social media accounts.

Facebook Groups – One of the best ways to connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer is through Facebook Groups.  This gives you more online exposure and opportunity to share your expertise.  Become the one they think of when they need your services.

Post Often – Posting 2 or 3 times a day increases your chances of more people seeing your post.  Choose different times of the day and evening to see when you get the most activity.  Likewise, pay attention to the types of posts getting the most response.  Use a social media hub like HootSuite  to schedule posts in advance.

Be a Socialite – Not a Bore – Posting your Just Listed and Just Sold property listings is acceptable.  It’s not acceptable to post only ads.  Get involved in conversations that build relationships.  Sprinkle your ads within the many posts your followers will enjoy and be entertained by.

Check Your Settings – Facebook business page settings are important.  They give you control over who can contact you, who can see and publish to your page as well as many other settings.  Check your settings periodically to make sure they haven’t changed.

Set aside some time today or in the near future to take advantage of these tips.  Watch your Facebook audience grow while building your brand.


The Never Ending Pursuit of Facebook Business Page Success