5 Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media


Increase Website Traffic Using Social MediaSome people wonder whether social media is a viable method to increase website traffic.  They take a few minutes each day to view their feed, add comments and post a couple of memes or photos.  They may or may not see significant success.  Granted, there’s a lot more to reaching your end goal of getting prospective clients than posting and commenting.  However, grabbing social media attention is the first tier of a successful social media funnel.

I believe it was in the ’60s when a shampoo commercial talked about telling two friends, who told two friends and so on and so on…Social media marketing works much the same way.  When you post interesting information, your following will share with others and they, in turn, will share with their friends.  This is what helps you get free website traffic.


Here’s five free ways you increase website traffic using social media.


  • Facebook Page – Your business page is separate from your personal page.  Increase your website traffic by posting regularly.  Post information that will be viewed as valuable by your target market.  Direct people back to your website where they can find additional information.  Posts should contain a variety of topics and should not be used as your personal billboard for advertising your business.


  • Twitter – Love it or hate it, Twitter is a great way to build a following.  In 140 characters, you can offer something of value with the link leading back to your website or landing page. Interlinking your feeds helps build better exposure.  Link your Facebook feed to your Twitter accountLink your Twitter feed to your website.


  • Tumblr – This social networking site is a great tool to increase free website traffic to your website.  This blogging site makes it easy for you and others to share your posts with links back to your site.  Everyone who sees your post can easily share your content.  In turn, your followers will continue to grow.


  • Pinterest – In one of my previous posts, “Pinterest is More Powerful Than Grandma“, I provided strategies for using Pinterest to build your website traffic and increase your online exposure.  When done right, this fast-growing social network will provide tons of free traffic.  Optimize your boards and pins and include your website’s URL and your location.


  • Google+ – This social networking site makes it easy to publish content with links back to your website.  It has a vast reach and a huge following.  Did I mention it was GOOGLE?  Unlike the previous four social networking sites, Google+ is more business-related than personal.  It’s a perfect place for providing valuable information that includes a link back to your website.


If you haven’t started driving free website traffic back to your website and blog, choose on the social networking sites above and get started today.  It’s fun, easy and can be very profitable.  It’s the first step in your social media marketing sales funnel.  Without it, the other levels of your funnel simply won’t work.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  ~Mark Twain.

Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media