Create an Emotional Connection With Your Clients

Creating a Personal Connection With Your ClientsThe best way to build your business is to create an emotional connection with your clients.  We’re all connected to each other on some emotional level.  Here’s a few emotional marketing techniques to help you keep and maintain that connection.

  • How Well do You Know Them?  Know who your target market is and what they’re interested in.  This knowledge helps you create website content, blog posts, marketing materials and social media information that will capture their interest.  Targeted information builds online exposure and loyalty.
  • People First – Increase your profits by putting people first.  I’ve found that when you do good for others, the bottom line takes care of itself.  Create an emotional connection with your clients by showing them that their needs and interests are important to you.  It builds trusts.
  • Be Responsive – No one likes to be kept waiting. In this tech-savvy world, we need to be able to respond to our clients quickly.  Let them know how to reach you.  Set up your email so it forwards to your cell phone.  In some cases, you can set up a “call-to-text” for quick responses.

Know how your clients like to communicate.  Some people prefer to pick up the phone while others prefer a quick email or text.  Communication is an important part of creating an emotional connection with your clients.

  • Opinions Matter – This includes your clients’ opinions.  Ask them for their thoughts and suggestions.  They can be your vest resource for referrals and other word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Be Yourself.  Everyone Else is Taken – Emotional connections are built through getting to know each other.  Business connections are make between people who like and trust each other.

These are only five ways to build an emotional connection with your clients.  I’m sure you have many other ways that work for you.  When you treat your clients with concern, consideration and respect your bottom line will grow.  Return business and referrals are inevitable.

Create an Emotional Connection With Your Clients