Email Marketing Works!

And, it’s less expensive than many other marketing programs.

How many marketing programs have you purchased? How many of those programs do you actually use? At what cost? Do you really have the time to work on marketing your business AND actually do business?

I can tell you that without a doubt that when done properly, email marketing works! It takes work and patience but it can increase your bottom line without spending a fortune on marketing programs.

Where are your marketing dollars going?

Make a list of all the products and services your currently use (or are paying for). Include what you’re paying for each. Next to each product or service, write down what they offer. Then compare them to each other. Are they duplicating benefits?

For example: Do you have more than one CRM program? If so, compare their features and decide which one is most beneficial. Then, cancel the other(s). Caution: Be sure to export information you need prior to cancellation.

Why Email Marketing is So Effective

Think about the people on your contact list. They already know you or are at least interested in your services. You don’t have to waste your marketing dollars trying to catch the attention of strangers.

It doesn’t matter whether you send one email per month or one email per week. Your promotional efforts will cost the same.

Don’t be afraid of “unsubscribes”. It just means you don’t have to waste time trying to turn them into clients. With email marketing, it’s always quality over quantity.

Create a sales funnel and then make sure each part of it is working seamlessly. A well-designed landing page, website or blog is essential for taking your contacts to the next level.

Weed out the programs you are paying for and not using. Get rid of those programs that are doing nothing to move your business forward. Then create an email marketing plan that converts.

Email Marketing Works!