How to Automate Your Marketing Campaigns Using CRM

One of the most underused and underrated tools in marketing is the CRM (customer relationship management) system. Whether you’re running one or twenty campaigns at once, they all need to be managed. You may be selling a new product, nurturing new customers, the list goes on. Trying to manage multiple campaigns that are all different is time-consuming. The error rate is high and sometimes they’re just simply impossible to manage.

What makes things even trickier is that you need to be able to have access to all of the information at one time. The last thing you want is to have to go to several places to gather the information you need. The best way to take care of your campaigns is to take advantage of your CRM system.

What Does a CRM System Do? A well-run CRM system can help you run your marketing smoothly, improve your marketing campaign response rate, remove many of your marketing management challenges, and improve your ROI (return on investment).

Target Market – You will be able to easily target your market. Select prospects based on purchases, demographics, responses to a survey or any other way you want. Choose one or more criteria to include to pull your marketing campaign recipients right out of your database. Targeted marketing is always far more effective at bringing people into the pipeline than just random marketing.

Manage Execution – Even the best campaign will not do well if you cannot systematically execute it. CRM can help you to track your campaigns on a real-time basis. That way you will know exactly what is going on at any time. It will help you maintain a schedule for your marketing campaigns and set them to automatically launch.

Follow Up in a Timely Manner – This is a very important step and yet is often overlooked due to lack of time. An automated follow up can be preset to a specific date and time. This ensures that your potential customers receive the second part of your marketing campaign.

With CRM, you have the ability to track the status of every single lead. You know whether you contacted them in a timely way, what the outcome was, where they are in the pipeline and whether they actually made a purchase. The information is all there. Having the ability to see the effectiveness of your campaign through the entire sales cycle is a powerful tool.

Customer Relationship Management: How to Automate Your Marketing Campaigns