Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business Website

Choosing the perfect domain name for your website can be challenging.  Is your choice is already taken?  How long should your name be?  Should you hyphenate it or choose a different extension; .net, .info, .org?

Here’s four tips to consider when choosing the perfect domain name for your website


Website Name and Domain Name

When possible, your website name and your domain name should be the same.  It will make finding your website easier.  For instance, find a domain name that matches your target market area.  You can see if that domain is available by going to a hosting company and typing your choice into the search box.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business Website


Length of Domain Name

Your domain name can be just about as long or short as you like.  Shorter domain names are easier to remember, but longer domain names have more opportunity for keyword usage.  Longer domain names also give you more opportunity to include your target market.

Unless you are known worldwide, it’s best to use your market’s keywords in the title instead of your name.  You can purchase additional domain names that include your name or other targeted areas and point them to one main domain.  For the best search engine optimization, have your main domain name reflect your target keywords.

Hyphenated Domain Names

There are advantages and some disadvantages in using a hyphen in a domain name.  It’s easier for search engines to “see” keywords that are separated by hyphen.  Hyphenated domain names are more likely to be available than a non-hyphenated name.  The flip side is that it’s more difficult for visitors to remember to add the hyphens.  I once used the domain, and found it tedious to always have to repeat it as, “real dash estate dash support”.  Consider what will happen when someone forgets or misplaces a hyphen.  They will end up on someone else’s website.


Choosing a Domain Extension

I checked GoDaddy to see how many domain extensions there are.  Turns out, there’s quite a few.  We are creatures of habit.  Therefore, I’d recommend that you stick to the most familiar domain extension.  If you’re concerned about your competition purchasing the same domain as yours with a different extension, you can always purchase .net, .info, .org.

Keep these four tips in mind when choosing a domain name for your website.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name