How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

5 Steps to Success

According to HootSuite, Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users who have shared over 40 billion photos.  That’s an average of  95 million photos and videos shared each day. Pew Research Center did a demographic study of Instagram users.  This is what they found.

Build Your Brand on Instagram

Does your demographic fit into this model?  If so, here’s what you need to do to build a popular Instagram network for your business.


Monday through Friday

Post at least one photo to Instagram daily.  While going about your day, take a lot of photos and tuck them away in a folder.  This comes in handy when you are stuck in the office and need something to post.  Although taking photos of your day in the office can be fun and interesting, too.


Make it easy on yourself and integrate Instagram into your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  That way, when you post on Instagram, it will automatically be posted to those accounts.


Share your blog posts.  To add a photo, use your cell phone to visit your post online.  Tap and hold the image and save it to your camera roll.  (This process may vary depending on the brand and style of your phone.)  Your description should let people know what your post is about and where they can see the entire post.  Tag people and share on social media networks your Instagram account isn’t connected to.


People love video.   Upload your short videos to Instagram.  For additional exposure, post it to YouTube and promote it on social media.


Be social.  See what other people in your demographic are posting.  Like and comment.  Extend your reach and build your audience.


You can spend 30 minutes to a 2 hours a day building your brand on Instagram.  The more time you spend, the quicker your audience with grow.  Like all other social media marketing, it takes time and commitment.

Are you using Instagram?  What are you currently doing to build your brand?





How to Build Your Brand on Instagram