The Purpose of Re-Purposing Your Blog Posts

The Purpose of Re-Purposing Your Blog PostsRe-purposing your blog posts is a smart thing to do.  It allows you to:

Extend your reach to a broader audience

Get more website traffic

Save time by using your blog post information in a number of mediums


A Great Process Goes Like This

Write an interesting and informative post.

Optimize it with keywords, tags, and categories.

Post it to your social media accounts with a keyword-rich description, hashtags, short link back to your post and an eye-catching graphic. is a great resource for creating original graphics that can be stamped with your brand.

Send an email to your contacts with teaser text and link back to the original post.


A Super-Duper Process Uses all of the Above Strategies Plus

  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation.  Narrate each slide and turn it into a video.
  • Upload your slideshow or video to your account.  Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn.  So, while in your Slideshare account, post it to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Upload your video to your YouTube channel.
  • Upload to your Facebook business page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and your other social media accounts.

To create a snappier video, use a service such as Animoto or Biteable.  Create the slides, choose the music and share it on your social media sites. No audio narration is necessary.

Use these methods as a supplement to your blog post.  For instance, if you’re writing about 5 steps to a smooth home buying process, include your video with a list of the five steps within your detailed blog post.  Your video can have all text or text added to photos or video.

More Things to do to Re-Purpose Your Post

  • Turn it into a tutorial.
  • Create an eye-catching infographic.
  • Create an e-book or e-guide that you can use as a freebie.
  • Break it down into bite-sized pieces for a detailed blog post on each piece.
  • Use the information to create a checklist.
  • Add the information to your newsletter.
  • Turn it into an article and post it on article directories like
  • Edit your post and submit it to industry leaders as a guest blogger.






What’s the Purpose of Re-Purposing Your Blog Posts?