Let's Talk Social Media: 6 Ways to Use Different Social Media Platforms

Why Social Media?

Can you even remember what the world was like before social media? It’s made connecting with people a whole lot easier regardless of the distance between us. We can conduct business without actually being in our office. We are able to “meet” people that we would never have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

The main social media platforms used for business are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Each one provides an opportunity to introduce ourselves and our business to the world. Businesses are able to advertise their products and services to a vast audience. Zoom meetings have become a standard way to conduct job interviews and meetings, and make introductions.

6 Ways to Use Different Social Media Platforms

  • Socially – Make relationships with people around the world. Chat, share photos, memes, and other entertaining information. Enjoy concerts, family gatherings, and stay in touch with family and friends. Business is also conducted and relationships formed on social media networks.
  • Advertising – People have become very familiar and comfortable with buying goods and services online. Social media platforms give business owners the opportunity to expose their brand to an unlimited number of potential customers.
  • Job Creation – Everyone from Instagram models to marketers to artists has found a way to use social media to showcase their talents. Freelance writers and journalists are finding paid employment opportunities online. The field is wide open.
  • Awareness Campaigns – Twitter is king when it comes to raising awareness on different issues through campaigns. Social media provides a space for engaging in discussions with people.
  • The News – When’s the last time you saw a paperboy tossing the morning newspaper onto someone’s lawn? You will find most news companies online. Magazines have converted their focus to social media as well. Social media have provided an opportunity to broadcast their information to a huge audience.
  • Education – Social Media has made a huge difference for students during the past year. Learning is shared through platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Google Classroom. Books and lectures can be accessed through social media and other platforms.

Social media has been useful to everyone in so many ways. With the ease it has brought into our lives, social media is a necessity both personally and professionally. Think about the ways you can use each social media platform in your business.

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Let’s Talk Social Media: 6 Ways to Use Different Social Media Platforms