Now That We're All Working from Home

In most cases, sheltering in place means you’ll be working from home. For many, it’s going to get old rather quickly. But, look on the bright side (and there is one). There are many benefits to working from home.

Work in Your Jammies – No shower. No problem. Make your phone calls, stay in touch digitally, and catch up on the administrative tasks you can’t seem to find time for. No one will know what you’re wearing. Nor do they care.

No Traffic Jams – How long does it take to drive to work? Now you can smile at the time and gas you’re saving.

Stay Calm – Working from home gives you the opportunity to do your work at your leisure. That’s not to say to put things off to the last minute. It just means you can work in a calmer setting with fewer interruptions.

Walk Away – When the work you’re doing gets frustrating or when there are too many distractions, walk away. Go outside for a few minutes. Read a comforting article. Talk a walk.

Promote Your Business – How lucky are we that we have so many online tools at our disposal? Create promotional marketing pieces. Stay in touch with contacts using social media and email. Use Facetime. Create virtual tours, quick videos, go live on Facebook. The options are endless.

Take an Online Course – Looking to improve your skills? There are tons of online courses for both business or leisure.

Set Your Own Schedule – As long as your work gets done, it doesn’t matter if you do it between 9 and 5, 7 and 9 or while the kids are down for a nap. The point is that you can set your schedule to accommodate your lifestyle.

With so many promotional options at your disposal, you will be able to keep your business moving forward – even if you’re working at home.

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Now That We’re All Working from Home