Email Marketing - Develop Your Value Proposition

Email marketing can be used to do a lot of things from building trust and authority in your niche to help you to make more direct sales.

Whatever you end up using your mailing list for, you first need to encourage people to sign up to receive your emails. This can be easier said than done, especially since people are dubious about giving out their personal details. Understandably because most of us get enough spam.

Here is some advice that can help you to get around that objection and grow your list.

Sell the Value Proposition
The value proposition is the thing that makes your list worthwhile and the thing that will make it stand out. This is not simply the sum of its parts. A value proposition cannot be ‘getting lots of free emails’ but rather it is what those emails do for the reader.

For example, if your mailing list is about fitness, then the value proposition comes from the fact that your messages will help the readers to lose weight and build muscle, thereby becoming more attractive, more confident and more successful.

Value propositions work because they are what provide the ‘emotional drive’ behind your product. This is the hook and it’s what will get your potential buyers daydreaming about what life could be like when they sign up.

Sell this vision and make sure that your audience knows just what an exciting opportunity it is and how it is going to improve their lives.

Use the Right Incentive
An incentive is a freebie that you will give away in exchange for people signing up on your mailing list. Very often, this will be something like an ebook or a report. What’s important here, is to make sure that your incentive is something that will attract people and get them to sign up when they were otherwise on the fence – but not something that will be too valuable and encourage people to sign up who otherwise wouldn’t have been interested at all. Otherwise, you will end up with subscribers who are only there to get the free gift. Not only that, but if you give away something like an ebook or online course entirely for free, then you will actually undermine the value of the things you sell later on.

Use this value proposition technique to help build trust while building your email list.

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Value Proposition Techniques for Email Marketing