5 Proven Social Media Tips for Getting Website Traffic

Social media is gaining on regular search engine optimization tactics for website traffic.  It’s hard to believe that anything can surpass Google’s importance in getting traffic to your site.  Yet, social media marketing continues to play a vital role.

Here’s 5 proven tips for getting traffic from social media to your website .  (plus 5 bonus tips at the end of this list.)

Know What to Post – Engaging and targeted content leads your audience to your website.  A younger audience is more likely to watch a video.  An older audience would be more open to reading an article.  Offer content that leads your audience to your website.  For instance, write some teaser text with a captivating image with a link back to your post or page.

Develop Interactive Content – Get your audience engaged in your content.  Create a web page to post online polls, surveys and contests.  Ask your followers to participate.

Know When to Post – Stay-at-home moms and dads will likely be online at a different time than people who work outside their home.  Knowing your audience is vital for getting your posts seen.  Kissmetrics developed the infographic below to demonstrate the science of social timing.

The Science of Social Media Timing by Kissmetrics
The Science of Social Media Timing by Kissmetrics

Re-post Your Best Stuff – Your competition is paying attention to their target market’s habits, too.  To make your best social media posts stand out and get seen more, re-post them.  Say or offer something different for each re-post.

Become an Influencer – To be known as an influencer, associate with influencers.  Post comments on their social media sites. Don’t be afraid to invite your competition to like your Facebook page.  When they like and share your posts, their friends will then see your posts, too.  You’ll substantially level the playing field.

These are only 5 social media strategies you can use to get more website traffic.  I’ve put together a list of 5 more things you can do to get more website traffic via social media, including getting your content to trend, working your brand credibility, promoting offers, social media automation and combining marketing efforts for the best results.

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Top 10 Tips to Get Website Traffic from Social Media

Top 10 tips to get website traffic from social media

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5 Proven Social Media Tips for Getting Website Traffic