Social Media Psychology – The Key to Getting Likes and Shares

What is Social Media Psychology?

The best posts garner a lot of likes and shares.  To do that, we need to remember that social media is “social”.  It’s a form of communication; a way to stay in touch with people we already know and to make new friends.  In business we use it to build trust in our brand.

The more you understand that being social is about communication and expression, the better your  social media interactions will become.  People are encouraged to interact when you have interesting things to say and share.


Why Do People Share on Social Media?

We used to get upset when someone read our diary. Now we get upset when someone doesn't like our public posts


When we post something on social media, we’re expressing ourselves and our views.  It’s our way of showing others what matters to us.  Since it’s part of our personality, we hope everyone else will relate to it, too.  When someone walks into your home, they get an immediate sense of your style and interests.  The same is true about your posts.  If you post something about gardening, other people interested in gardening are most likely to comment and share it.  In this case, you’ll end up connecting with more gardeners.


Keeping it Social

Think of social media as one big party.  Express your personality in your posts as well as your comments.  Think about how you personally interact at a party.  Likely, you’re not going to respond to photos and conversation with just a couple words and then leave.  You’ll actually talk to each other.

I have to admit that I’m guilty of saying, “That’s so sweet” or “Looks like fun”.  Then I click, ‘Like” and leave.  Three word responses are okay but lack personality and a real show of interest.  Let’s challenge ourselves to be more interactive.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line in social media psychology is to post things that express who we are and respond to other’s posts with real interest.  Don’t try to aim your content to everyone.  Think of the real people you want to connect to and write content that they will identify with.



Social Media Psychology – The Key to Getting Likes and Shares