Going Beyond Basic Social Media Prinicples

A successful social media campaign means going beyond the basic social media principles. It’s all about having something of value to offer and knowing your mission statement and point of view.

Start putting the following social media principles into action today.

  • Provide Value – The single most important way to gain followers and keep them is to give them something of value worth following.
  • Create Titles that Grab Attention – Titles need to promise something different. Speak to your readers on an emotional level.
  • Understand Your Value Proposition – Tap into the reason people are interested in your niche and let them know how it improves their lives.
  • Promote Your Social Media on Your Blog – Your blog promotion and social promotion should be synergistic.
  • Respond and Engage – Social media is a communication tool. Make sure you respond to comments and questions.
  • Be Everywhere – Use multiple social media channels to expand your visibility.
  • Take Advantage of New Technologies – Live video streaming is big right now and new – meaning it provides new opportunities. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities like this in the future.

Use Advertising Facebook ads are fantastic for finding targeted.

  • Make Great Quality Posts – Ultimately, what’s really important is that you write great content and present it well. This is what will really provide value. Can’t write? Hire a writer.
  • Learn to Take Amazing Photos – Social media is also often very visual. Learn to take amazing photos or use a royalty-free photo service. It will really help you to grab attention and build a following.
  • Automate – Using automated posting tools can be useful in the right doses!
  • Cultivate True FansUltimately, the aim is not to build a large number of subscribers but to think more about quality. Build true fans and your business will thrive like never before.

It sounds like a lot but there are a lot of common threads between these tips. The key is to have a brand with a vision and a purpose. Be passionate about what you do and have a brand that people can really get behind. From there, you’ll then express your value proposition and vision through high-quality content – rather than just posting promotions and advertising.

Engage with your audience, get them involved and be consistent.

Going Beyond Basic Social Media Principles