E-Newsletters – An Effective Internet Marketing Strategy


E-Newsletters should be part of an Intenet marketing strategy.  They’re cost-effect and easy to do on a regular basis. E-newsletters come in a variety of formats. Some are set up in an email style while others have full-on graphics, ads, and other information. No matter which style you choose, the most important aspect of your newsletter is the content. It should be informative, useful, and contain a marketing purpose.

Here’s how to effectively use e-newsletters in your marketing strategy:

Trusted Distribution – Know who will be interested in your products and services. These recipients are most likely to open and read your newsletter. You want your recipients to see your newsletter as worthwhile and not spam. Using deceptive tactics to harvest email addresses will backfire and are just a waste of time. Think of it as robocalls. They’re unsolicited and we all hate them. No one has ever missed a robocall and thought, “Gee, I need the services of this reputable company. I’ll call them now!

Choose your target market carefully. You don’t want to waste your time or theirs. It could also ruin your reputations before you’ve had a chance to gain trust. The Federal Trade Commission enacted the CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Guide. If you’re in doubt, be sure to consult their guide.

Distribution List Tactics – Use your website and social media to get potential customers to register for your newsletter. Add a link to your blog and email signature. When you talk to a potential customer, tell them about your newsletter. Let them know how it will benefit them. Then, ask for their permission to add them to your list.  By knowing who you are in advance, they are more likely to open your e-newsletter and not view it as spam.

E-Newsletter Strategy – Decide how often your e-newsletter will be sent out. Choose a comfortable time frame. It’s great to be ambitious. However, consistency is key. Don’t add stress to your already busy schedule by trying to send out weekly e-newsletters when you only have time for monthly ones.  Something else to consider…if doing this on your own just isn’t your cup of tea or if time is an issue, hire someone.

E-Newsletter Format – No matter which format you use, the content is what will keep your recipients interested. Giving your readers interesting information that will benefit their lives, builds trust. Add a “Share With a Friend” button or link to get more exposure. Include your contact information and website address, too.

Keep advertising to a minimum.  Subtle ad techniques include product and client reviews as well as articles with links back to related posts and pages on your website. Include such things as featured listings and CTA’s without blatantly calling attention to them. This can be done by adding a separate column or section to your e-newsletter.

 Are E-Newsletters Cost-Effective? – There are many options for newsletters. Some services offer completely written and formatted e-newsletters as part of their CRM program.  Prices vary considerably.  MailChimp is a free service. It will work for people with 2,000 or fewer subscribers who don’t expect to send over 12,000 email a month.  They offer preset templates or you can upload or create your own.

Use an e-newsletter to promote your business, display your knowledge and branding, and build trust with current and potential clients. Use top-quality content and adhere to the anti-spam laws. Include soft-selling with hyperlinked graphics and text.  Build your list by asking permission to include contacts in your mailing list. Be consistent.

E-Newsletters – An Effective Internet Marketing Strategy