How to Build Credibility and Relationships Through Referrals

It’s easy to spend a lot of time and hard-earned dollars building your client base.  Cold-calling, social media, and other digital marketing are some ways to build your client base.  The best way is to get referrals from your previous clients.  They know you.  They’ve done business with you.  They already have a positive impression of you.

Here are several big tips you can use today to start building your referral base:


Have a system in place that reminds you to ask for referrals.

Create an email your past client can use to send to the referral.

Send your client a thank you note or give them a thank you call for their referral.

Timing is everything. Ask for referrals after your client has commented on being pleased with your work.

Ask again. Remind your clients that you welcome their referrals and feedback.


Add a link in your emails to a form on your website for referral submissions.

Ask clients to pass your business card on to others, who might need your services.

Create a Facebook post about your services and urge your clients to share on their page or tag their friends.


Build relationships with your clients. They will more likely to send you referrals if they know your relationship is based on more than just a sale.

Comment on your client’s Facebook status or blog.

When you services end, include a card or small gift. Remember future special occasions like birthdays, home anniversaries, etc.

Keep your past clients in the loop by adding them to your monthly newsletter.

Stay in touch with your past clients by dropping a line or making a call to see how everything is going.

Past clients who feel they are important to you beyond the sale, will be most likely to refer you.  Use these tips to build your referral base today.

How to Build Credibility and Relationships Through Referrals