Twitter Best Practices: Here’s What a Little Bird Told Me

A vast majority of people who try their hand at Twitter marketing simply do not succeed. Why? It could be as simple as not having a plan. More than likely they didn’t know or follow certain best practices that would increase their chances of success.

Here are some successful Twitter marketing practices I’ve learned over several years.

Tweet by Tweet Optimization

When you’re optimizing your content on Twitter, it’s a good idea to focus on one element at a time. An element is simply a part of a tweet. It could be a question, a link, or a hashtag. When you’re optimizing your tweets for high engagement and click-throughs, your tweets need to be changed section by section. It takes time because even if you do get some sort of improvement, you don’t know which part accounts for that improvement. On the other hand, if you optimize element by element, you can clearly identify which part you changed and reasonably conclude that this accounts for the improvement.

Pay attention to your Twitter Analytics. Once you’re no longer seeing a nice improvement with the particular element, you switch to the next element. When the element is a question, you play around with many different question variations until you get one that gets clicked a lot. When working with the hashtag element, swap out the hashtags until you find something that clicks with your followers.

Timing is Everything

Depending on your time zone, you may find that a lot of your most active followers prefer early morning or late at night. Learn the timing of the clicks coming in. If you see a pattern, use your tweet scheduling software to mirror the most active times or the most popular timeframe for your content. Two useful tools for checking your stats are Google Analytics or StatCounter.

Let Statistics Be Your Guide

Many Twitter marketers fail because they base their posting decision on feelings. Unfortunately, these hunches often lead to dead ends. When making a decision involving your content, your conversion pages, your mailing list, etc., pay attention to statistics. Use sound numbers to justify any changes you make.

In Conclusion

Twitter marketing success is possible. There are lots of people who make a great income every year on Twitter. There are also lots of companies that find clients from Twitter.

Digital marketing can create a comfortable living promoting their business on Twitter. What accounts for these individual’s success? They chose to be systematic and methodical.

Be methodical. You have to follow the proper sequence. You have to look at the right signals. These two factors, systems and meticulousness, flow together. It takes time to master this but you can do it.

Here’s to your Twitter marketing success!

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