Here are 6 blog topic ideas for coming up with good content.

  • Stay Up-to-Date with Current Events – This will give you ideas about the future of your market. This also includes focusing on news that involves your market niche.
  • Think Out the Box – Come up with something unique. Try going out of your comfort zone. Think of new ways to make your posts more exciting to your audience.
  • Recycled Content – Sometimes you just run out of fresh content. Other times you may just be too busy. Sometimes the only thing that can save you is to recycle old posts. Make sure you make old content look fresh.
  • Ask Your Audience What They Want to See – Your audience (as well as your customers) like being able to give their input.
  • Check to See What Previous Content is Missing – Updates and improvements are inevitable in any market. Check old posts to see what updates you can come up with and post about them.

Tips on Writing Your Comments and Posts Effectively

  • A Good Title is a Must – People are busy. Some people won’t read a post that is too long. Pique their interest by using a catchy and intriguing title.
  • Use a Catchy Headline – Start the headline and first sentence of your post with something catchy and interesting.
  • Use the Inverted Triangle Method of Writing – This means that you write your posts by including information at the beginning.
  • Example:
    • The Lead: The top part contains the most critical information.
    • The Body: The middle part of your post is addressed as the body.
    • Conclusion: The final part is known as the conclusion.

There are many resources for finding blog topic ideas. If you are out of time or simply want someone else to handle your posts, contact us. That’s what we do.

Short on Blog Topic Ideas?