Put These 5 Things on Your Blog Creation Checklist

5 Things to Add to Your Blog Creation ChecklistSitting down to write a blog post can, at times, be daunting.  Finding an interesting topic to write about can be the most difficult part of the process.  Once you know what you want to write about, here are the  5 things you need to include on your blog creation checklist.

Relevant Keyword – In May 2017, Lifewire wrote a post about “How to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts”.  In it, they touched on five important things to do to boost your post’s online exposure.  Research and select the appropriate keywords for your title and content.  Don’t forget to add alt tags with keywords on your photos and other graphics.

Compelling Title – The title of your blog post should capture your readers’ interest.  If you have a WordPress website, write a compelling title and edit your permalink to contain your keywords.  For instance, when I add the title of this post to my WordPress blog, the entire title shows up in the permalink.  To accentuate my chosen keywords, I edit the permalink to contain “blog creation checklist” only.

Format Your Post – Formatting your post makes it look more focused and organized.  A post that has no white space, bolding or contains long paragraphs is very uninteresting and confusing.  Bold your subheaders. Create shorter paragraphs that include bullet points.  Use an interesting graphic that relates to your post topic.  You can find free graphics at Pixabay.  Always read their terms and conditions first.)  To be super-snazzy, use an online tool like Canva to create images for your posts.  Don’t forget to add keyword targeted alt tags on your graphics.

Yoast for WordPress – One more thing to add to your blog creation checklist is Yoast for WordPress plugin.  Not everyone has WordPress, but if you do, this plugin is a must.  It analyzes your post and guides you through the process of adding relevant categories, targeted tags, and snippets.

Call to Action – Use the bottom of your post to add a call to action.  Direct your readers to your a specific offer.  Adding featured listings to the bottom of your posts is an effective way of directing people to your site.  Add the main photo, a brief description, and a direct link to the full detail page.

Put these 5 things on your blog checklist.  It will add search engine optimization, interest, and a larger readership.  One little bonus: Add a Grammarly browser extension to your PC or phone.  It corrects grammar and spelling errors on the fly.


Put These 5 Things on Your Blog Creation Checklist