Chantal Konicek - Review for Second Self Virtual Assistance

Your blog posts have been great. I am utterly impressed (and constantly bragging about) how you guys find local stuff that is both relevant and real – on both blog posts and social media posts. Thanks again! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Chantal Konicek
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

B. Cisssell Review - Second Self Virtual Assistance

Very easy to use.

Bonnie Cissell
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Vilma Graller Reviews for Second Self Virtual Assistance

I have been using Pamela’s service for years and I am very pleased with her service.

Vilma Graller
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

J. Tassie - Review of Second Self Virtual Assistance

You’re always fast and efficient and just overall wonderful!!!

Judy Tassie
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Scott Gleason - New Jersey Luxury Homes
Just want you and your team to know I appreciate the improved financial sophistication  of my blog posts and for the first time in my business I am hearing from real buyers and more important sellers,  who say “I found you on the internet”
Scott Gleason
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

I don’t have to any someone else do my blog postings for me. I can write. I have had my share of featured blog posts here on AR, so apparently there are other people who agree with me that my writing is pretty good. The skill I am missing is the one that can be used to make time expand to fit the work that needs doing. I found the company who knows how to make that happen…Second Self. To begin the process, I spent time having several conversations with Pamela Cendejas. She helped me talk through the various frustrations I was having with my business. Then she made some suggestions for projects that might help, ways that her company could help with my marketing efforts. That was how they began writing neighborhood summaries and market reports for me about 6 months ago. I have been really pleased with the work they have done for me. The assistant assigned to me writes in a very different “voice” than my usual writing “voice”. I have been really impressed with her work. Most recently, Pamela and I visited about what we need to do to move to the next stage to step up my marketing. She has made suggestions for things that she can do to tune up my website and my internet presence. Bottom line? Second Self is a great investment in MY bottom line!

Judy Abbott
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

We have been using Second Self Virtual Assistance in our real estate business for over 10 years. We have with their work and professionalism. They are able to complete every task we have requested of them in handling our web presence, blog and general marketing programs They find sites we didn’t even know existed and place our information or blog for us. They always send us done so we can read and approve or make changes as necessary. We have received many complements on the website they designed for us regarding ease of use and available information Even though they are virtual assistants, they are virtually everything we need. We have traveled to their home area and met them personally and consider to be friends as well as our virtual assistant. Kudos to Second Self.

Tom & Bev Herring
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

As our business has evolved, and times demand more from us, Secondself is right there with you. Their services are invaluable, and I just don’t think I would have been able to grow without them. I did try other Virtual Assistants, but they just didn’t measure up. They provide a high degree of quality work, no matter what your budget is, with a wide range of knowledge, and constant new information. I can’t wait until I reach my next level of business and can increase my budget with them.

Stephanie Hansson
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Thank goodness for dependable virtual assistants! I’ve used the staff at Second Self for several years for website maintenance, just listed/just sold mailings, newsletters, blogs, business card design and much more, What most impresses me is that they use their time to learn a new software system – not charging me for that learning curve. They allow me the luxury of doing what I do best while keeping my web presence up to date.

Vicki Lind
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Pamela Cendejas and her Staff are absolutely wonderful!!! We are truly grateful we found them when we did.” They have put together a very functional, user friendly, and affordable website for us that works well and consistently work on adding the latest and greatest enhancements keeping us up to speed and on top of our game in today’s technological world. This helps so much…because we do not have the time to know about these things let alone do them!!!…which is exactly why we need someone like her!!!! In addition she helps us with anything and everything that might come up from technical problems to search engine help. If you are a busy real estate agent and really need help with all the computer/technical work that has become such a crucial part of the business in today’s world, I would highly recommend giving Pamela a call. She will customize a plan that works well for you and that you can afford….you will be glad you did!!!

Crist & Sharon Fanning
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Sherri Lilienfeld - Review for Second Self Virtual Assistance

Second Self Virtual Assistance…you have always been on top of things” You get things done without me even having to think about. You are pro-active with doing the tasks and offering ideas that help me improve my business. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my account.

Sherri Lilienfeld
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Liz Miller - Review of Second Self Virtual Assistance

I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with utilizing the services of a virtual assistant.” The great thing about Pam is the quality of service her company offers. They are innovative and very open and helpful in sharing ideas and incorporating them into my business. I trust and value her opinion and know that she has my best interest in mind when she offers tips and suggestions. So give her a call and see what she can do to help you grow and manage your real estate business.

Liz Miller
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

Brenda and Willie Gonzalez Review Second Self Virtual Assistance

I have used Second Self for projects off and on for a few years. I could not do my job without them! As a Realtor there are new things to learn each day and having this group to do the things I am not expert in. They completely manage my blog and all my websites except my main one. Always in the case of an urgent issue such as something I mess up they work on it right away. I love the convenience that they provide to me. This added service has allowed me to stay in the Top Percentage of Realtors in our town. The articles they write for me are well thought out and very well written. I love having them and can’t thanks them enough for the professionalism and hard work they put into keeping my websites current. Visit them today!

Brenda & Willie Gonzalez
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5

I can say unequivocally that Pamela Cendejas & Real Estate Support Services are the BEST virtual assistant.. Their work is always done professionally and in timely manner per your instructions. Pamela and her team are technologically savvy and very proficient with social media. Take a minute to review her posts on ActiveRain and I know that you will agree with me. Recently I sent Pamela a ‘how-to’ question via e-mail. She called me back immediately and ‘walked me through’ the solution to my tech issue. Contact Pamela Cendejas 1-928-692-3235 for FREE consultation. ~M. Yonkers

Mary Yonkers
Second Self Virtual Assistance 5